Flight Durations


With the arrival of the 2018 Google Speed Update, Flight Durations was seriously effected and a strategy was put in place to bring the website inline with google speed recommendations. RightWaySEO was tasked with streamlining the website and optimising asset delivery including the CSS and Javascript assets.


Several optimisation were put in place including inlining critical css, purging the css to remove duplicates and preloading the results asynchronously. A similar approach was taken to the javascript to reduce load times and all the images were correcly optimised.


We managed to acheive incredible result scoring a nearly perfect 96/100 for mobile devices and 100/100 for desktop devices.

Flight durations was built to allow users to easily find the flight duration between two given places anywhere worldwide. The site has grown over the years and now provides duration data for over 300k user a month.

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